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About Us

Author Susan Pease 

Susan Pease has written over 30 books, ranging from little tots to mid–school novel series. She also had her own talk back session on radio 97am. This was on spiritual and life issues.


Susan has taught traditional oil painting art for many years. In 1991 Susan was accepted into the Victorian Art Society and had two paintings hung in the famous McCubbin gallery. One of her passions is felting and making dolls.


She is married with four girls, a son and has four grandsons and two granddaughters.

Self Portrate Studio 3.png
Illustrator Olivia Pease

While freelancing as an illustrator for over 4 years, Olivia is a Story Artist, Graphic Designer and 2D Animator by trade.

Olivia has illustrated Susan Pease’s I can See Faces, Zoo in Me, as well as contributed towards The Mysteries of Corkuparipple Creek.

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